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We supply a selection of superb protective exterior wall coatings that will rejuvenate your home into something you can be proud of for years to come.

What Are Centric Wall Coatings?

Centric Wall Coatings are designed to rejuvenate & protect the exterior walls of your home. It’s twenty times thicker than conventional paint & requires specialist, experienced wall coating crews for application.

Once applied to your homes exterior walls, Centric Wall Coatings require very little in the way of maintenance & they will never need painting again.

A Centric Wall Coating will completely transform the exterior walls of your home, giving it a superb finish that you can be proud of for many years to come.

Check out the video to see what we are all about.

Key Features Of A Centric Wall Coating


Completely revitalise the exterior walls of your home, bringing them back to a beautiful finish that is better than the day they were first made.


The product we use for our wall coatings is a lot thicker than traditional masonry paint. It has been specially formulated for long lasting outdoor use.


The durable finish of all our wall coatings are completely resistant & impenetrable to rain, including acid rain.


Acts as a barrier to liquid whilst allowing microscopic droplets of water vapour to pass through, so the brickwork can breathe.


With it's natural insulating properties, our wall coatings will reduce heat loss from your home, therefore, reducing energy bills.


There is a choice of 16 colour fast colours with our textured & smooth wall coatings. We also offer a bespoke colour matching service.

Why Choose Centric?

Why Choose US - Free Survey


Our friendly home surveyor will make a brief visit to your home to carry out your free home survey.

The surveyor will carry out a few quick measurements & tests to determine how your property will benefit from a Centric Wall Coating.

We will then issue with your free, no obligations quote.

Why Choose US - Long Guarantees 01


Textured & smooth exterior wall coatings come with a 15 year guarantee & our clear coatings come with a 10 year guarantee.

Once applied to your home, our long lasting Centric Wall Coatings eliminate the need for frequent repainting of your exterior walls.

Why Choose US - Personalisation


We offer a choice of 16 colours for our textured & smooth exterior wall coatings.

A colour matching service is also available if required.

A full range of colour charts & brochures will be made available when we visit your property.

Low Maintenance


Centric Wall Coatings are extremely durable textured, smooth & clear exterior wall coatings.

The specifically designed formula provides superb resistance to weathering & mould build up.

There is very little maintenance with a Centric Wall Coating.

Client Testimionials

Client Testimonial 01

"Our home was looking so tired & untidy, I could not stand driving up my driveway & looking at it's scruffy walls every time I came home from work".

"My homes walls were in such a poor state that I didn't know if coating them was even a possibility. Centric managed to do such a good job in repairing the walls that you wouldn't even know they were damaged in the first place."

"Our house now looks a million dollars & I'm now actually proud to be seen driving up my driveway & parking in front of it - Great job guys!"

Judy Lawrence

Wedding Planner
Client Testimonial 02

"We had been considering a wall coating for our home for a number of years."

When we saw the advert for Centric Wall Coatings on Facebook, we decided to take the plunge & give them a call - It was the best decision that we could have made."

"They were so professional in their approach & very easy to work with from start to finish."

"The final result of the wall coating that Centric applied to my home is nothing short of fantastic!"

Ian Smith

Client Testimonial 03

"My wife & I had been looking to renovate our family home for a while, but didn't know the best way to go about it".

"After speaking to the people at Centric Wall Coatings, we soon realised that this was defiantly going to be the best solution for us".

"After the wall coating had been applied, our house is easily the best looking property in our street - My family are all so happy with the results."

Vikram Patel

IT Professional