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Is an exterior wall coating right for me?

A. Our coating can be applied to render, pebble dash, roughcast, stone & brickwork.

A. For an average detached house, it takes around 5-working days, depending on the weather.

A. No. Our wall coatings are designed to retain the architectural look of the property.

A. We have a wide range to select from we also offer a clear product for brick and stone.

See our colour chart for examples >

A. Yes, the coatings are extremely flexible and elastic allowing the house to expand and contract with temperature changes. They have a high permeability so that water vapour can escape and there is no moisture build up.
A. For over 45 years these coatings have been proven to hold up against the most extreme weather conductions, unlike ordinary masonry paints!
A. On some contracts, we may require scaffolding. This is a non-profit making exercise and is used only where required. Clients will be advised in advance.
A. Yes, every job comes with a written 15-year warranty even though the wall coatings have a life expectancy of 20-25 years.

A. Obviously, our high-tech wall coating systems are more expansive than paint, but they include repairs, weatherproofing.

People paint their property every 3-4 years plus painting don’t give your home the protection. Our wall coatings extended lifespan also offers a greater return on investment.

With Centric Wall Coatings, your home will be maintenance free & looking fresh year after year.

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